Games Medal Design Revealed

The winning artist in our Games Medal Design Contest is also a sledge hockey player.

Jennifer Tewnion is an Honours Bachelor of Fine Art graduate from McMaster University where she was also playing rugby until she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The Ajax resident is hoping to compete as a sledge hockey player in our Durham Region 2019 Ontario Parasport Games.

Games Medals - Front and Back - Games Medal DesignerJennifer’s inspiration for her medal design was sparked by the word “together” in our Games tagline “Play together. Win together.” The hands featured on the front of the medal represent the American Sign Language sign for the word “combine.” On the back of the medal, Jennifer included braille for the word “together” and “G,” “S,” and “B” respectively for each medal tier.

Jennifer and her family attended our 100 Day Countdown event where the medal design was revealed for the first time and she hung an oversized mock-up medal around the neck of PACHI, our Games mascot.

We’re excited to award our real Games medals to the athletes competing in our Games next February.

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