Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Rugby

The sport of wheelchair rugby is played indoors on a regulation-sized basketball court using a volleyball instead of a rugby ball. The sport originated in Winnipeg in 1976 and is played by athletes with varying levels of functional ability. Teams play with four players on the court at a time, while they carry and pass the ball trying to score by crossing the opposition’s goal line. Similar to able-bodied rugby, physical contact is an integral part of the game.

Visit: owsa.ca/wheelchair-rugby for more information.


Location: Brooklin High School


Saturday, February 9, 2019

Times Team 1 Team 2 Score
10:00am Toronto London 39-40
11:30am Ottawa Toronto 59-31
1:00pm Belleville London 45-43
2:30pm Ottawa Belleville 55-25
4:00pm London Ottawa 40-52



Sunday, February 10

Times Team 1 Team 2 Score
10:00am Belleville Toronto 44-49
11:30am London Belleville 48-49
1:00pm Ottawa Toronto 64-39

11:30am – Bronze Medal Game

1pm – Gold Medal Game

2:30pm – Medal Ceremony